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Awareness workshops for professionals

The awareness workshops adapted to professionals from different backgrounds aim to improve the support and acceptance of people's sexual orientations and gender identities as well as bringing awareness to the homophobia and transphobia experienced by 2LGBTQIA+ youth. of the region.

Workshops and conferences

Extensive workshops and conferences on the realities of 2LGBTQIA+ people, the demystification of sexual orientations and the plurality of genders as well as on homophobia and transphobia can be offered in different settings (school, professional, family, etc. ) and custom designed as needed.

Information booths

Information kiosks about the mission of Jeunesse Idem, what the organization offers, the reality of 2LGBTQIA+ people and the demystification of sexual orientations and the plurality of genders can be offered in different settings (school, professional, family, etc.).

Anti-bullying kit
trousse de lutte cotre l'intimidation

Jeunesse Idem's anti-bullying kit aims to promote the image of 2LGBTQIA+ young people while painting a realistic portrait of everyday life and the feeling of vulnerability that they face. This tool offers concrete actions that meet the needs of young people and organizations in the region.

Homophobia and/or transphobia is a scourge that must be addressed and each person can make a difference in prevention and intervention.   Young people are all important in eradicating the victim, bully and witness, the intervention must take them all into consideration.

This kit is a form of non-imposing intervention with the community and the students. Young people can read a book and the speaker could answer their questions afterwards or the person in charge can choose a subject that they would like to discuss with those around them.

The objectives of the kit

It allows professionals to be equipped to talk about 2LGBTQIA issues and to raise awareness of the reality of the 2LGBTQIA+ community.

  • The books allow young people to understand the reality of 2lgbtqia+ people

  • Offering a diverse literature for students in the region in a safe environment

  • Opening a door to discussing sexual diversity and gender identity 

The subjects exploited in the books

  1. bullying

  2. Homophobia / transphobia

  3. Homosexuality

  4. same-sex parenting

  5. Neutral pronouns

  6. gender identities

  7. gender based stereotypes

Above all, it is important to be aware of your own values and knowledge of the 2LGBTQIA2+ community to ensure that you provide children with the appropriate information. Some people don't know which approach to use, others fear questions from children or comments from parents. The materials we offer and the training allows professionals to face their shortcomings.

Contact Information

Erik Bisson, Directeur général

Alexis Bastien, support worker

Asher Broom, support worker

Kieran Deus Duron, Intervenant.e communautaire

Caroline Lauzonreceptionist

Solange Phaneuf, Communications & événements

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